Safety Signage Surveys

Everlux Safety Signs Surveys
As a leading supplier of safety signs, Everlux Maritime has decades of experience in conducting comprehensive Safety Signage surveys worldwide.  

Conducting a survey of your vessel is a critical first step before embarking on any safety signage project. With our extensive experience, we assist you in identifying the legal requirements for safety signage and markings, as well as implementing industry best practices to ensure the highest level of safety onboard.

To prevent potential issues that may occur and ensure accurate assessments, we recommend conducting surveys directly onboard your vessel. Everlux technicians are equipped to visit any location in the world, meticulously examining the vessel to assess your safety signage requirements, taking into account its unique characteristics and operating conditions.  

In situations where onboard surveys are not feasible or practical, Everlux Maritime offers the convenience of remote surveys. Our technical staff can conduct surveys remotely using various resources, such as the Fire Control & Safety Plan, as well as the architectural or structural drawings.  

If you are seeking an accurate assessment of your safety signage requirements, please contact us.