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Everlux have been involved in the Offshore Wind industry since the early stages of the energy transition process, quickly understanding and solving the challenges that safety signs would have to endure in this application, such as:

Continuous exposure to adverse weather conditions, such as sun, rain and high temperature variances.
Continuous exposure to marine conditions, such as the ocean spray and its corrosive saline properties.

However, the main challenge was to overcome the installation difficulty. In fact, a lot of the safety signs used in the offshore wind farms must be installed in the legs of the jackets which are round and coated with a specific compound that leaves the surface starch and lumpy and therefore repellent to most adhesives.

The Everlux research and development department performed several trials and tests with such surfaces and developed its multiple layer safety signs solution that offers a high resistance and high grip answer to these challenges and became an effective technical choice for such applications.

The Everlux high resistance and high grip multiple layer signs are now being used successfully in several offshore wind farms.



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