Onboard Safety Conference - Offshore Wind Farms will take place this May!

Evelux Maritime is proud to announce the second event of the Onboard Safety Conference, that will take place at CEDROS Safety Technical Training Center in Palmela, Portugal, on May 14th, focused on debating the present and the future of the "Offshore Wind Farms”.

In an ongoing dedication to fostering higher safety standards within the maritime sector, Everlux Maritime, joined once again by CEDROS (a distinguished company in Portugal renowned for its expertise in training and consultancy services), will organize this pioneer event in portugal.

Everlux Maritime and CEDROS are dedicated to enhancing safety at sea by bringing together leading specialists, professionals, and key industry players in the Offshore Wind sector.

This gathering aims to facilitate discussions on pertinent topics and the latest trends in safety, prevention, and training at sea.

Within this year, the Onboard Safety Conference will have one more event, in November, dedicated to the debate of "The National Ocean Strategy 2021-2030”.

This event is set to become a benchmark not only in Portugal, but also across Portuguese-Speaking African Countries (PSAC), as well as in Brazil, Spain, and Latin America.

Join us in shaping the future of maritime safety!

Whether you're able to attend in person or via live stream, your participation in this pioneering event is crucial. Don't miss this opportunity to connect with leading experts, professionals, and industry players to address the latest trends and challenges in maritime safety, prevention, and training.

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