IMO Signs Explained

In this article of the "IMO signs explained” series we will feature the fire damper signs:



Marine fire dampers are used in air conditioning and ventilation ductwork onboard yachts, merchant ships, navy vessels and offshore rigs to prevent the spread of fire, smoke and gas inside ductwork that crosses fire-resistance rated walls and floors.

The fire damper blade is open when the ventilation system is working. In case of fire, the fire dampers will close, preventing additional oxygen flow to enter the space and to fuel and spread a fire.

In the management and control of onboard fires, trained crews must distinguish between fire dampers for Accommodation, Machinery and Cargo spaces. The fire damper signs assist in this mission through the use of the blue, green and yellow colours which of them with its specific meaning: Accommodation, Machinery and Cargo, respectively.




The graphic content for the fire damper signs is specified by IMO Res. A.952(23), ISO 17631 and more recently by IMO Res. A.1116(30) where they have been included in the SIS (shipboard fire control plan signs) category without any graphical changes.

Using the Everlux S1234, S1235 and S1236 item codes to identify the locations of the fire dampers onboard will help you comply with the requirements and will allow your crew to quickly identify and distinguish them if needed – even during a complete blackout situation!