On-board luminance measurement: contact us!

According to IMO Resolution A. 752 (18), chapter 9, LLL systems should be visually examined and checked once a week and a record kept. All missing, damaged or inoperable LLL components should be replaced.

Still according to IMO Resolution A. 752 (18), all LLL systems should have their luminance tested at least once every 5 years. Readings should be taken on site and should the luminance level of a particular reading not meet the requirement of these guidelines, further readings should be taken in at least ten locations equally spaced apart within the given area. If more than 30% of the readings do not meet the guideline requirements, the entire LLL system should be replaced. If between 20% and 30% of the readings do not meet, the guideline requirements the LLL system should be checked again in 12 months or may be replaced.

Ertecna, Lda. (the manufacturer of Everlux products) has the DNV Approval of Service Suppliers and therefore is a competent entity to perform PL LLL on board luminance tests. For information please contact us!