“COVID-19 Risk” Prevention Signage

Everlux has developed a range of safety signage that aims to manage behaviour in the prevention and reduction of exposure to Covid-19 shipboard risk to crews, passengers, and shore-based personnel. This signage range follows the protocols established by IMO Circular Letter No.4204 and the ICS Guidance for Ship Operators for the Protection of the Health of Seafarers.


  Safety Procedures

  Hygiene Procedures, Respiratory
Etiquette and Personal Protection

  Specific Emergency, Warning, Mandatory and Prohibition signs

  Signs for Floor Application to Delimit Spaces and Distances
Within Work Environments

The use of the Everlux COVID-19 RISK prevention signage will help you to comply with the ISM Code requirements by increasing the awareness to this new risk and to communicate the procedures in place that will help to mitigate the possibility of an outbreak onboard.

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