Everlux project maritime 25

2014 is a very special year for Everlux as we are celebrating 25 years of existence!

When considering the several available options to celebrate our 25th anniversary we wanted to make sure it will be done in a manner that shows our appreciation to all of our clients as well as to all safety specifiers and interior designers that have been placing their trust on our products and services throughout the past 25 years.

But how could we do this in the most suitable manner?

By developing and delivering, free of charge, the design of 25 selected Photoluminescent Low Location Lighting (PL LLL) system projects with Everlux Project maritime.

Everlux Project maritime is a Marine & Offshore dedicated software that includes a library with all IMO Resolutions and SOLAS conventions symbols and is the ideal support tool in the development of IMO Fire Control and Life-safety plans as well as IMO Resolution A.752 (18) compliant PL LLL projects.

If you are still not familiar with Everlux Project maritime, you can watch the demonstration video available at www.everluxmaritime.eu/en/service/everlux-project-maritime/

This software tool is also available for free download at www.everluxmaritime.eu/en/downloads/


During the course of our 25th anniversary celebrations we are aiming to complete 25 PL LLL system projects free of charge with the following schedule: 2 projects per month in April and May and 3 projects per month from June to December. The winning projects will be selected from registered applications. To register your application, just send us an e-mail to: 25Years@everluxmaritime.com.
In this e-mail please include the following information: company details, the details of the project that you wish to be considered and ideally the AutoCAD drawings of the vessel/ accommodation quarters that the PL LLL system is to be designed for.

Once completed, we will deliver the complete PL LLL system project in AutoCAD & PDF formats, a full summary report, legal framework and a complete bill of quantities. A technical package that, we are certain, will significantly add value to your work as a naval architect, interior designer/ outfitter, specifier, supplier or installer.

The announcement of the winning projects will be made by e-mail to all the candidates.

The deadline for submitting a project for consideration is the last day of each month and the winners will be announced on the following working day. Unselected projects will be automatically registered for consideration in the following month’s draft.

Once selected, the winning project will be completed within the following 30 days.

If you wish that your project is considered for this unique opportunity, register your application as soon as possible as the first 2 projects will be selected on 30th April 2014!!!