“COVID-19 Risk” Prevention Signage - 2nd Edition

The effective infection prevention on board depends on the implementation of adequate measures and safety procedures.

It is essential that ship-owners, ship-operators and ship-managers make a comprehensive risk assessment on the COVID-19 risk for crew, shore-based personnel and passengers on their vessels and adopt the most appropriate prevention and safety measures in order to minimize the risk of contagion, while also increasing the confidence of every party involved in their operations.

Some countries and authorities are requiring that the prevention measures, safety procedures and emergency plans are developed in coordination with a competent third party and therefore an increasing number of companies are opting for the Certification in Infection Prevention (CIP) of their vessels.

According to the IMO Circular Letter No. 4204, in its 29 addendums (to date) and the ICS Guidance for Ship Operators for the Protection of the Health of Seafarers, the measures aimed at preventing infection by COVID-19 are essentially based on the safe use of spaces and equipment, the use of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) such as masks, frequent hand sanitization, observance of respiratory etiquette and the practice of shipboard self-distancing (SSD).

Safety signage takes on a fundamental role in this context. Through safety signage it is possible to:

- Communicate respiratory etiquette rules, such as the use of masks and hand sanitizer;

- Provide information on the requirements and correct use of Personal Protective Equipment;

- Communicate rules for the use of spaces and equipment;

- Delimit spaces by establishing areas for the circulation of people as well as waiting areas;

- Define specific containers for contaminated or possibly contaminated waste (biological waste);

- Identify health screening areas, high infection risk areas, and isolation or quarantine wards and cabins.

Thus, COVID-19 risk prevention signage is a tool that should be used in the context of managing the pandemic, namely in the implementation of Certification in Infection Prevention (CIP) programs, so that the activity in the maritime area continues to take place in a safe and sustainable way and so that all operators and users feel safe and confident on board.

The 2nd Edition of the Everlux COVID-19 Risk Prevention Signage flyer is now available for download here and contains a wide range of signage solutions that will help you to implement effective infection prevention procedures onboard your vessels.

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