World Oceans Day

World Oceans Day is celebrated on the 8th of June. Each year, the World Oceans Day aims to raise awareness on the importance of restoring and protecting our oceans.

This year's theme, "Planet Ocean: Tides Are Changing," highlights the need to restore and protect our precious marine ecosystems. It's time to create a new balance with the ocean, revitalizing it and safeguarding its resources for future generations.

Did you know that the oceans produce over 50% of the world's oxygen and store as much heat as Earth's entire atmosphere?

Here are 5 more insights about oceans:

Oceans cover an astounding 70% of our planet;
They represent 95% of the biosphere;
Oceans host 80% of the world's biodiversity;
They absorb 90% of the heat from global warming;
Approximately 30% of the CO2 released is stored in the oceans.

The oceans are vital to our planet's well-being and prosperity, and they are in danger. Through our actions, we have the power to make a lasting impact and ensure a sustainable future for our oceans. From participating in beach cleanups to supporting sustainable industrial practices, every action counts.

On this World Oceans Day,
we are thrilled to announce our endorsement
of the United Nations Global Compact and Sustainable Ocean Principles.

Everlux’s commitment to the oceans is stronger than ever. By embracing these principles, we recognize the urgent need to protect and restore the health of our oceans, which are rapidly deteriorating due to the pollution that leads to rising temperatures, acidification and resource depletion.

Everlux activity and products are focused on contributing to the prevention of sea accidents that cause so much damage to marine and coastal ecosystems. We seek to contribute to raising safety levels onboard all types of ships and in offshore activities.

UN Sustainable Ocean Principles

The UN Sustainable Ocean Principles provide a framework for responsible business practices across different sectors and geographies. By aligning with the United Nations principles, Everlux is dedicating itself to sustainable practices that ensure the health and vitality of marine ecosystems.

 Ocean Health and Productivity

Everlux assesses the impact of our activities on ocean health, incorporating this knowledge into our strategies and policies. We seek sustainable business opportunities that contribute to restoring, protecting, and maintaining ocean health, productivity, and the livelihoods that depend on it. We take proactive measures to prevent pollution, seeking raw materials and production methods that have less impact on ocean pollution.

Governance and Engagement

Everlux engages responsibly with regulatory bodies, actively contributing to the best practices that promote a healthy and productive ocean, by increasing the safety onboard vessels, leading to a lower probability of accidents that are associated with environmental disasters. We respect human rights, labor rights, and the rights of indigenous peoples in our ocean-related activities. Our commitment extends to exercising due diligence in our supply chains, consulting and engaging with stakeholders and communities in a transparent and inclusive manner.

Data and Transparency

Everlux is totally available to share relevant scientific data to support research efforts and mapping initiatives related to the ocean. Transparency is at the core of our practices, as we openly communicate about our ocean-related activities, impacts, and dependencies, in line with relevant reporting frameworks.

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