The “Red Ensign” mark of conformity on applicable Everlux signage solutions.



In 2016, the UK Maritime & Coastguard Agency (MCA) introduced regulations to establish UK conformity assessment (UKCA) procedures to marine equipment that is to be placed on board UK flagged ships. This national Conformity Assessment Scheme was developed to ensure that, after leaving the European Union, the UK continues to comply with the International Maritime Organization (IMO) Conventions requirement of ships carrying safety and counter pollution equipment that has been approved by the ship’s Flag Administration.

The UK Conformity Assessment Scheme requires compliance with the following regulations:

2016 No. 1025 MERCHANT SHIPPING - The Merchant Shipping (Marine Equipment) Regulations 2016

MERCHANT SHIPPING NOTICE - MSN 1874 (M+F) - Marine Equipment - United Kingdom conformity assessment procedures for marine equipment, Other Approval and Standards

INFORMATION NOTE - MIN 590 - United Kingdom conformity assessment procedures for marine equipment (M+F)


In terms of safety signage installed onboard, the scope of the Red Ensign mark of conformity is established by MSN 1874 (Annex 1) and includes Low-location lighting (LLL) components including escape route and fire-fighting equipment location signs. This is the same scope as the scope of the Marine Equipment Directive (MED).

To be certified according to the UK Maritime & Coastguard Agency, LLL components including escape route and fire-fighting equipment location signs must meet the requirements established by SOLAS 74.Reg.II-2/13, IMO Resolution A.752(18), IMO Res.MSC.98(73)-(FSS Code) 11, and ISO 15370.

The practical implications to the market are:

Replacement or newly installed MED approved products are not accepted onboard UK flagged ships after January 1st 2023

Thus, already installed MED approved products can still be kept and used onboard UK flagged ships until the end of the equipment’s operational life.

Once a MED approved sign installed prior to January 1st 2023, reaches the end of its operational life, it must be replaced with an UK approved sign (MCA certification).


Everlux initiated its efforts to become certified under the UK Maritime & Coastguard Agency Conformity Assessment Scheme back in 2021 and this earlystage proactive approach ensure that it is now the first or among the first photoluminescent shipboard safety signage manufacturer to carry the Red Ensign mark of conformity on its products. Therefore, the Everlux safety signs and low-location lighting components that are within this certification will now feature the "Red Ensign” mark of conformity in addition to the already existing MED Wheelmark:

This certification was attained through DNV and Everlux will provide copies of its UK Maritime & Coastguard Agency certificates upon request as support documentation to its resellers or shipyards and shipowners that may need to validate their choice for Everlux safety signage systems on their commercial offers, technical specifications documentation and onboard their vessels.

If you would like to learn more about the Everlux Red Ensign Certification, please do not hesitate to contact us.